Tondol Beach – Anda Pangasinan

Tondol Beach is located at the northern tip of Anda, the only island municipality in Pangasinan. Anda is composed of one big island and which is called Cabarruyan Island which is popularly known as Anda Island, then surrounding islets.

What makes Tondol beach unique is its long, shallow nature of the beach during low tide. There is an Island – Tanduyong Island, a kilometer away from Tondol Beach which can be reached on foot during low tide.

There are picnic tables and cottages for rent. Beach resorts with swimming pools and room accommodations are also available in the area. Inflatable Island is an additional attraction to Tondol Beach. Just installed this February 2020.

And one of the surrounding tiny islands of Anda is Panacalan Island Sandbar. It can be reached by motorboat. You can rent a motorboat from Tondol beach going to Panacalan Sandbar.

Location Map:

Tondol White Sand Public Beach Rates:

  • Entrance – Php. 5/head
  • Environmental Fee – Php. 20/head
  • Cottage/open bamboo shed (whole day) – Php. 500
  • Cottage/open bamboo shed (Overnight) – Php. 500

Accommodations in Anda, Pangasinan

Here is the list of resorts, hotel and transient house in Anda, Pangasinan

Resort/Hotel/Transient House Contact Number
Casa Lumen 0907.073.6533
Kaihana Resort 0917.502.8848
828 Gems Resort 0905.539.6709 / 0946.426.0476
JCT Beach Resort 0921.494.9248
Nabua’s Beach House 0939.180.9613
Cahigas Beach Resort 0920.864.7701
Pertible Beach Resort 0910.453.3743
IL 3 Vagho Resort 0908.785.8338
Tondolandia Beach and Cottage Resort 0921.563.2221
Sunrise Grande Resort 0918.404.6773
ELC Inn 0946.819.8624
Island Secret Garden Resort 0912.229.9602
Seven Miles Beach and Unit 0928.920.5614
L Camaso Resort 0909.232.1763
Mr. and Mrs. Gamboa’s House 0938.575.8968
Villa Cecilia Beach Resort 0949.800.7714
S & C Resort and Villas 0908.893.0922
Sarmiento Beach House 0908.893.0922
Padilla Resort 0908.893.0922
Summerset Beach Resort 0998.572.2411
Marina’s Transient 0909.627.9183
HIPSA 2 Transient Home 0910.201.2581
HIPSA 1 Transient Home 0949.758.9740
Rullan Apartelle 0998.444.9339
Caalim Resort 0950.160.0721
Ruel Garcia Apartelle 0938.422.950
Chateau De Paraiso 0909.273.7092
Villa Vessella 0907.294.7692
Purple Blue Beach Front Resort 0919.469.2908

Anda Pangasinan Souvenir

Anda souvenirs and t-shirt are available at Pasalubong Center at the back of the tourism office.

From Tondol beach to Hundred Islands National Park

Island of Anda is also a part of Hundred Islands National Park (HINP). It is the biggest island that’s why they call it “Mother of the Hundred Islands”. From Tondol Beach, you can rent a motorboat that brings you to a Hundred Island National Park. It will take about 30 minutes motorboat ride from Tondol beach to Hundred Islands National Park.

From Tondol Beach to Panacalan Sandbar

There are tiny islands or islets surrounding Anda, Pangasinan, and one of these tiny islets is Panacalan Island. It is one of the famous tourist attractions of Anda Pangasinan. A stunning sandbar, perfect for beachgoers. It is so tiny island of the sandbar and the shape of the island is depends upon the season. It will take about 30 minutes motorboat ride from Tondol beach to Panacalan sandbar.

Tondol Beach of Anda Pangasinan Photos