Pakwan Festival 2020 – Bani Pangasinan

Bani Pangasinan is the top watermelon producer in Pangasinan. Grown in soil rich with limestones, the Bani’s watermelon is surely one of a kind.

To boost the tourism industry and to further address the importance of watermelon as the primary product of the town, the town of Bani celebrating the Pakwan Festival annually. In 2014, when the said festival was first celebrated, they unveiled the Pakwan Fountain located at the center of the municipal plaza.

Aside from the Pakwan fountain in the municipal plaza, there are also tables and chairs designed and painted like watermelon in the municipal park, and even the Bani welcome arches are designed and painted like watermelon to show that Bani is proud of producing the most top quality Pakwan in the Philippines.

This year, some of the highlights of the Pakwan Festival are Pakwan cook fest, Pakwan demo farm Pakwan fruit carving, Pakwan mass eating, Pakwan Carnivale (street dancing competition) and, Pakwan Festival grand parade.

Pakwan Festival 2020 – Calendar of Activities

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