Pangasinan Provincial Capitol

A close look at the facade of the Pangasinan Provincial Capitol building in Lingayen, with the roof design, is uniquely Greek, so are the Corinthian columns, but not the shields and the 3 sculpted eagles which are definitely military emblems of the ancient Roman army. However, reading the inscription, the words are typically American expression of democratic government and its responsibility to the governed with such familiar phrases like “PROMOTING LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”. Note the inscription using the Roman letters “V” not “U” of the word, ‘BVILDING’. The date it was built says “1918” is in Roman numerals.

These deciphered letters and numbers sometimes faded and blurry are common among the ruins in tumbled temples, columns, theaters, baths, amphitheaters, aqueducts, bridges and triumphal arches in Rome and throughout other lands formerly owing their allegiance and loyalty to the Roman Empire.

Pangasinan Provincial Capitol is included as a tourist attraction in Pangasinan. Where Tourists can enter the Capitol Building.

The Experience

Get close a look at the Pangasinan Provincial Capitol as if you are in a world tour where temples, aqueducts, forum, monuments, bridges that although they are in ruins make an awesome display of man’s creative intellect.

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