Pista’y Dayat 2018: Boat Painting

Pistay Dayat means “Sea Festival,” as it is a thanksgiving festival for the year’s abundant harvest from the sea. Pista’y Dayat Festival is celebrated annually in Pangasinan. It lasts for two weeks and is held at the Lingayen Beach.

The highlights of Pista’y Dayat Festivals are traditional Limgas na Pangasinan (Maiden of Pangasinan) coronation and the iconic Banca Parada wherein artistically-designed bancas are showcased through a grand parade along Limahong Channel of the Agno River.

Pistay Dayat offers multiple activities such as tourism and trade expo, beach-sport competition, variety shows, 3D mural painting, boat painting and sandscaping competition.

Local artists in Pangasinan also flocked to Lingayen Beachfront for Boat Painting Contest. With the theme: “Dayat Mi, Yaman Mi, Ikinon Mi”. Each team shall be composed of 3 – 5 members, and should be endorsed by their mayor as the official representative of their LGU to the contest. A letter of endorsement is required.

Dagupan City emerged champion in the boat painting contest of the Pistay Dayat celebration, followed by Burgos (1st runner-up), and Agno (2nd runner-up).

All the painted boat-replicas shall also be awarded to the 14 coastal LGUs for their use to facilitate or enhance their tourism promotions program.

Boat Painting 2018