Where to Stay in Cabongaoan Beach and Death Pool

Cabongaoan Beach offers  creamy white sand, beautiful sunset and the crystal clear blue ocean. The Cabo creamy white sand and pristine sea water is very similar to Patar white sand beach in Bolinao.  It is a perfect get away for those looking for peace and quiet.

Beautiful rock formations and its famous “Death Pool”  are the main reason why this place became popular. Originally called Depth Pool, locals coined the term “Death Pool” because it suited the site’s thrilling effect. The Death Pool is a natural pool or a lagoon located on the far right side of the beach. 

How you can reach the Death Pool

You have two options:

1. Walk for 20 – 30 minutes.
        From the beach, head towards the rocky area on your right.  The rocks are quite sharp so make sure you’re not walking barefoot.

      2. Hire a boat.

         Boat for Hire are available around the beach area. Just approach them and ask how much they’ll charge for a trip to and from the death pool. 

List of Beach Resorts near Cabongaoan Beach and Death Pool

You basically have a choice between tent pitching, cottages, fan rooms, and air-conditioned rooms.

  • Amayaj Bora Beach Resort
  • Facebook Page: AmayajBoraBeachResort
    Contact Numbers: 0929-796-1171 / 0929-873-3117 

  • Luzviminda’s White Sand Beach
    Facebook Page: LuzvimindaWhiteBeach
    Contact Numbers: 0977-429-4605  / 0927-429-3762  / 0930-302-2687  /  0998-570-7971
  • Roven’s Place
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Cabongaoan-Beach-Rovens-Place-625350290926306/
    Contact Number: 0927-995-7606
    Tent Pitching: Php 150
    Day Tour: Php 500 per table
    Rooms: Php 2,000 – Php 3,000 per night
  • Ragasa Cabo Beach Resort
    Facebook Page: cabobeachresort
    Contact Number: 0915-386-3681
    Tent Pitching: Php 150
    Day Tour: Php 500 per table and Php 100 per person entrance fee
    Cottage: Php 2,500 per night
  • Rendezvous Beach Resort
    Contact Numbers: 0935-374-5410  / 0915-957-0184
  • Viva La Vida Cabo Resort
    Facebook Page: vivalavidacabongaoanbeach
    Contact Number: 0927-201-9907
  • D’Cousins Beach Resorts (Miguel’s Place)
    Contact Number: 0935-414-3649
  • Puerto Del Baher Sea-view Beach Resort
    Contact : 0956-009-6379
    Facebook Page: R Paradise Beach Resort

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