Water Activities at the Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos, Pangasinan offers water activities such as swimming, Snorkeling, Helmet diving, Kayaking , Banana Boat Ride, Parasailing, Ziplining and Cliff Jumping. You can also try other activities like Wall-climbing, rappelling, camping, spelunking, bat watching and bird watching.

Before going to Hundred Islands National Park you must know updated Hundred Islands rates, boat rates and other rental fees.

Water Activities at the Hundred Islands


There are some islands like Marcos Island which have shores where you can swim and enjoy the white sand. You can also visit Romulo’s Island. It is the most beautiful islet with the whitest and finest sand. It is also a perfect place for swimming.

Snorkel in Coral Garden near Quezon Island. You can bring your own snorkel or you can also rent snorkeling gears in the Island. The Coral Garden is a part of the waters near Quezon Island which is enclosed by ropes. The area is enclosed because it is a protected area and to ensure that the boats running around won’t hit anyone while snorkeling. When you go to Coral Garden make sure to bring piece of bread to feed fishes once the bread is out, they would come swarming at you. You can also explore the Coral Reef and Giant Clams “Tridacna gigas” near the center of the garden.

Helmet Diving:
Appreciate the underwater marine life by Helmet diving in Governors Island in Hundred Islands National Park. You can explore underwater and see Nemo and other school of fish and the Giant clams “Tridacna gigas” which are locally known as “Taklobos”.

You can enjoy Island hopping by Kayaking. Kayak equipment rental is available in the Quezon Island. Kayak rental is Php250/hour (good for 2 persons).

Banana Boat Ride:
If you are looking for extreme water activities in Hundred Islands, Banana Boat ride is the best for you. Banana Boat (max 7pax) – Php 1,500.00 / ride.

Parasailing adventure is also available. Advertisements and signage of parasailing contact numbers of the owners are posted in the island so if you like to try parasailing you can contact the owner and speedboat will come to you. The owner of the parasailing is a foreigner from Hawaii you can contact them at 0999-8008180. You can Have parasailing for Php1,500.00 per head.

Island to island zip lining :
You reach the 120-meter zipline ride by climbing a tower on one end of Quezon Island, one of the more developed islands in the national park. Highly skilled zipline operators, trained by Outland Adventure of Davao, secure the rider with a harness and protective headgear. One glides above the clear waters and sees the island from a rare bird’s eye view.This island also has a 546-meter zipline that connects to the Virgin Island—for only P250 fee.

Cliff Jumping:
Cliff Jumping
Have a short climb to the top of the Marcos’ Island (will take around 3-5 minutes) and at the end of the path is a big hole which serves as an entrance to Imelda’s Cave. Descending to about ten steps is a point for cliff jumping. Depending on the water level, you can jump from as high as twenty feet. On the average, the jump off point rests up to twelve feet and the water about six to eight meters deep. The only way you can get back to the shore is to swim to the open sea and back to the shore.

Other interesting activities:

Rock Climbing Wall and Rappelling:
In the same tower as the zipline take-off point is a safe and uncomplicated man-made rock climbing wall perfect for beginners and the rappelling portion requires a descent from the tower to a bed of soft sand, quite easy and enjoyable.

Bird Watching and Bat Watching:
There is an island inhabited by bats, the Bat Island. From the boat, you will see bats hanging upside down from the trees. You can also visit Monkey Island and see birds and other wildlife.

Nature lovers can camp out on the shores of Quezon Island for P200. Tents can be rented for P400.

Explore natural caves in Hundred Islands like Century Island caves which is known for its historical value for being hiding place during world war II. You can also try Cathedral Island which has a large cave with a natural grotto inside. Rock formations and stalagmites inside the cave are shaped like images of saints. You can surely enjoy to jump and dive at Emelda cave in Marcos Island.

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