5th Bolinao Mangunguna Festival 2012

Bolinao celebrated the 5th Mangunguna Festival with the Theme: “Ang pagbabago ay nagmumula sa tao tungo sa progreso”.

Mangunguna Festival is a week-long celebration held in Bolinao Pangasinan honoring fishermen’s of the town and Bolinao culture, observed from April 21 to April 30 2012. It features activities such as Pabingo, Art Exhibit (Bolinao Artist Group Inc.), Poster making (Theme: Biyay nin Mangunguna), Rockaholic, Amateur Singing Contest, Pidudungo (To Eat Together), Water Sports Events (El Pescador Resorts and Balingasay River), Seniors Night, Barangay Night, SK Night Civic Parade and Street Dancing Exhibition.

Asenso Pangasinan would like to congratulate Barangay Ilog-Malino for winning the Food and Table Presentation Contest in Pidudungo 2012.

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Photo Courtesy:
Margaret Celeste
Brgy. Ilog-Malino Bolinao Pangasinan

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