Pangasinan Day “Agew na Pangasinan” 2012

The province of Pangasinan celebrated the 432rd Agew na Pangasinan (Pangasinan Day) on April 11, 2012. The actual date of Agew na Pangasinan is April 5, but the activities and celebration were moved to April 11 as April 5 falls on Holy Week.

One of the highlights is the Asna Awards where the highest recognition will be given to outstanding Pangasinenses. Seven Pangasinenses who had made a mark and great contribution to humanity will be accorded the greatest reverence by their very own province through the “Asna Awards”.

“Asna” is an old term of the Pangasinan word “asin.” It describes the good quality of a man’s character or his demeanor.

The program was started with a Thanksgiving Mass at the Capitol Plaza, then followed by the Commemorative Program which is the launching of Pangasinan Orthography. At 10:00 am they started “Parada ed Dalan” the Float Parade and Street Dancing competition at the Capitol Grounds after that Provincial officials proceeds to PTDC Compound for the opening of Tourism and Trade Expo 2012. Tourism and Trade Expo is also part of the Pistay Dayat 2012 celebration. ASNA Awards was happened at Sison Auditorium while Concert at the Beach happened in Capitol Beachfront.

Watch the video clip below for the Agew na Pangasinan 2012 (Float Parade and Street Dancing Competition)

Here are some of the photos of float parade

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