Najeras Transient Rooms Alaminos Pangasinan

Location: #9 blvd street lucap, Alaminos, Philippines
Phone: (074) 551-2602
Mobile: 09103571177
Facilities/Amenities/Services: air-conditioned rooms , boats, snorkels , masks for rent, outside kitchen, dining area, Free WiFi , tour packages, diving accessories,

Located at the Lucap Wharf, Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines. Very spacious and clean rooms at affordable prices for couples and for groups. It has a Free Wifi, large outside kitchen and dining area in case you want to cook some fresh fish from the wet markets of Alaminos City.


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For more information regarding Alaminos Hotel, Beach Resorts, Hundred Islands National Park and other inquiry please contact:

For more details, please call:

  • Lucap Wharf Tourism Welcome Center
  • 0928-244-9011

  • City Information and Tourism Satellite Office
  • 0905-430-0230