Binungey Festival Anda Pangasinan

Name : Binungey Festival
Location: Anda Pangasinan
Date: April 17

Anda Pangasinan is celebrating Binungey Festival annually. They selected Binungey Festival as their yearly festivity to promote the number one product of the town which is locally known as “Binungey”. Like other festivals celebrated in the province, Binungey Festival is full of enjoyable activities to entertain townspeople and visitors.

Binungey is the mixture of malagkit (sticky rice), gata (coconut extract) and steamed in bamboo. It is also known as Bamboo Rice Cake. Bamboo and sticky rice is abundant in the town. In fact it is one of their native delicacies.

Traditionally, it was served only during Christmas, fiesta and other special occasions due to the long hours of preparing and cooking this rice cake.
Locals usually pair the bland binungey with sweet mango or soak it in local hot chocolate or others dip it in sugar.
Photo Courtesy: Allan Cerdan

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