Beach Resorts and Hotel in Alaminos City (Hundred Islands National Park)

The Hundred Islands National Park is in the province of Pangasinan in northern Philippines. It is located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. The islands (124 at low tide and 123 at high tide) are scattered along Lingayen Gulf and cover an area of 18.44 square kilometres (4,557 acres). They are believed to be about two million years old. Only three of them have been developed for tourists: Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island.

If you want to stay overnight you can stay from the most economical to luxurious beach resorts in the town. There are beach resorts and room accommodations in Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island. You can also stay in Big Brother House in Hundred Islands for only P10, 000. You can also build a tent for camping adventure or stay in an open cottages available in the islands.

You can also stay in some Beach Resorts and Hotel near the market place. Most hotels in Alaminos City are located in Brgy. Lucap where you could see the great view of the Hundred Islands from afar. Some Beach Resorts in Alaminos City offers water adventure like Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Parasailing, Diving, and many more.

Here is the complete list of Beach Resorts and Hotel in Alaminos City,Pangasinan (Hundred Islands National Park). You can contact them directly for your reservations, rates, packages, deals and other inquiry.

Other Beach Resorts and Hotel / Accommodations in Alaminos City Pangasinan

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  • Lucap Wharf Tourism Welcome Center
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  • City Information and Tourism Satellite Office
  • 0905-430-0230
  • PNP Alaminos City
  • 0916-562-3027
  • BFP Alaminos City
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  • Alaminos Action Center
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  • Poso Amaninos City
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