Binmaley Sigay Festival 2012 – Civic Parade and Street Dancing [Video and Photo]

Binmaley Pangasinan celebrated its 2nd Sigay Festival which was held from January 20 to February 3, 2012. The week-long festival is also a fitting commemoration of the town’s 422nd founding anniversary.

The 2nd Binmaley Sigay Festival 2012 was successful. Lots of fun activities with the appearance of some showbiz personalities like famous Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Aside from the festival, some projects in Binmaley were open like the newly- renovated Museum Binmaleña Café, Triangle I project which is located in front of Binmaley Plaza and Triangle II which is located beside Our Lady of Purification Parish Church. Check our Online Photo Gallery for more Photos.

This is our 4th post regarding Binmaley Sigay Festival 2012. Our First post is all about the Sigay Festival 2012 – Calendar of Events, 2nd post is all about Manny Pacquiao Visits Binmaley Pangasinan [Video and Photo], and the 3rd was Binmaley Sigay Festival – Fluvial Parade [Videos and Photos].

This time we will share to you our coverage on the Binmaley Sigay Festival 2012 – Civic parade and Street Dancing. This is the most awaited moment because this is the time for the civic parade which all Municipal and Barangay officials, teachers from all schools in Binmaley, Drum and Lyre Corps from various schools in Binmaley, winners from Ms. Binmaley Pageant , and winners as Best Floats from Fluvial parade are included.

And one of the Highlights of this big day event was the Street dancing where participants be dressed in extravagant costumes and dancing the cultural dance using various dance choreography creating its own magnificent style and tradition.

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