Binmaley Sigay Festival 2012: Fluvial Parade [Videos and Photos]

One of the highlights of Binmaley Sigay Festival is the Fluvial Parade where various Motor boats from different Barangays of Binmaley are participated.

Fluvial Parade was scheduled January 28, 2012, it was also the date of the arrival of the People’s champ Manny Pacquiao for the opening of Triangle I Project and the newly renovated museum of Binmaley.

This year, the Fluvial parade was started at Manat River and end at the river located near Binmaley public market. Participants designed their boats with prawn, fishes such as Siganid “Malaga”, Milkfish “Bangus”, Crabs, Sea shells, various marine life and fishes abundant in the river. This event was added for the town fiesta of Binmaley for the tribute to the livelihood of the fisher folks in the town and to thankful for the abundant harvest for the whole year round.

Watch the Video Below for the Binmaley Sigay Festival Fluvial Parade.

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