Binmaley 2nd Sigay and Seafood Festival/Calendar of Events

As part of positioning Binmaley Pangasinan as theSeafood Capital of the North, the town holds a grand fiesta named as the SIGAY FESTIVAL. “Sigay” is a Pangasinan dialect word which means to harvest. This event is celebrated annually to give tribute to the aquaculture industry of the town, which is the number one source of livelihood of the community of Binmaley.

This year, Sigay Festival starts from January 20 – February 3. Like last year, lots of enjoyable activities are prepared to entertain townspeople and visitors. And to secure people’s health, they added Medical and Surgical Mission in the event schedule that will slated on January 24, 2012 – 8am. This year, we will expect for Battle of the band, Kantahan sa Bayan, Fluvial Parade, Street Dancing and many more. You can check the list of scheduled activities below.

Binmaley 2nd Sigay and Seafood Festival and Town Fiesta 2012
Calendar of Events

  • January 20 / Friday
  • 1pm Battle of the Bands (Audition)

  • January 21 / Saturday
  • 9am Kantahan sa Bayan (Singing Contest)
    3pm Opening of Trade Fair
    8pm BB. Binmaley Pageant Night

  • January 24 / Tuesday
  • 8am Medical and Surgical Mission
    8pm Gabi ng Pasasalamat

  • January 25 / Wednesday
  • 8am Medical and Surgical Mission
    8pm Kantahan sa Bayan (Singing Contest)

  • January 26 / Thursday
  • 2pm Business and Management Seminar
    8pm Battle of the Bands

  • January 27 / Friday
  • 9am Seafood Cooking Contest
    8pm Professional, Business Sectors & NGO Night

  • January 28 / Saturday
  • 7am Fluvial Parade
    8pm SK Night

  • January 29 / Sunday
  • 7am Kambog Ed Kapokokan(fish catching in the pond)
    8pm Barangay Night

  • January 30 / Monday
  • 8pm Senior Citizen & Veteran’s Night

  • January 31 / Tuesday
  • 3pm Religious Procession
    8pm Balikbayan Night (Raffle Draw)

  • Febuary 1 / Wednesday
  • 7am Commemorative Program
    10am Drum & Lyre Exhibition
    7pm Coronation Night

  • February 2 / Thursday
  • 8am Thanksgiving Mass
    3pm Civic Parade / Sigay Street Dancing
    8pm Ms. Gay night

  • February 3 / Friday
  • 8pm Binmaleyan’s Night (Peoples Night)

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