Talong Festival Of Villasis Pangasinan

Thousands of local and foreign tourists flocked to Villasis, Pangasinan to witness the first “Talong” (Eggplant) Festival in this agricultural town, the “Vegetable Basket” of the North and “Vegetable home of Pangasinan”.

Villasis Pangasinan celebrated “Talong Festival” on the month of January. It is a 9-day celebration featuring various activities related to “talong”.

Among the highlights were the inauguration of the Villasis Vegetable Trading Post or Bagsakan and the setting up of a one-kilometer-long Talong Grill to help the town establish its own identity. Almost 1.5 kilometers of grilled talong were grilled on the national highway of Villasis and thousands of tourists enjoyed the grilled vegetables with rice.

Other exciting activities such as fashion show competition, street dancing exhibition are presented where they use talong as their props and decoration to their costumes. Visitors also enjoyed watching talong cookfest (101 ways of cooking talong).

Like other festivals celebrated in different towns of the province of Pangasinan, some TV personalities are invited to entertained townspeople and visitors and experienced a free concerts and street party.