Patupat Festival Of Pozorrubio Pangasinan

The Pozorrubio Pangasinan celebrated its annual fiesta and this year, it is highlighted with their famous product which is the “Patupat” – a native delicacy made from sticky rice and wrapped in coconut leaves. It is cooked in boiling sugarcane-juice. It is served with melted panocha or pakasiat.

And because their town is known for making patupat, they named their yearly fiesta as “Patupat Festival“. Like other festivities in town, they also celebrated it with full of enjoyable activities, dancing, singing and lots of competition.

To show the unity of the people of Pozorrubio, they prepare the three hundred meters (300m) long table filled with Patupat and they eat together.

Another part of the celebration is the eating patupat contest. The main goal of this contest is: all the contestants will race to eat one patupat and after eating, the contestant must whistle and that is the sign that he/she already done. The fastest contestant to finish eating patupat will win.

They also presented their Pyramid Patupat. It is composed of 12 Patupats with different sizes from bigger to smaller. And they formed it like a pyramid. The biggest size of patupat that they made was 10x bigger than the usual size of patupat sold in the market and the smaller patupat was smaller than the size of a candy.

Pozorrubio Pangasinan will continue to celebrate this annual fiesta “Patupat Festival” because they wanted to be recognized as the number one producers of most delicious patupat in the country.