Mangunguna Festival Bolinao Pangasinan

Bolinao Pangasinan holds grand fiesta named “Mangunguna Festival”. In Bolinao “mangunguna” means a fisherman. They celebrate Mangunguna Festival to give tribute to the fishing and aquaculture industry of the town, which is the number one source of livelihood of the community in Bolinao. It is a one week celebration from April 9 to April 14.

This year, Bolinao celebrated the 4th Mangunguna Festival with full of exciting events such as street dancing competitions participated by high school students from different schools in Bolinao and watersports competitions at the river and at the caquiputan channel. Watersports competitions such as bargisthon,patawthon and carabao race are performed in Balingasay river while watersports like banca race, balsa “bamboo raft” race, and swimming competitions are performed in Caquiputan channel.

Since Bolinao is one of the top producers of milkfish “Bangus” in Pangasinan, they prepared the Bolinao Bangus Market Basket and Culinary Arts Competitions at Germinal Centrum where cooking contest, bartending, table settings, and fruit carving competitions are prepared.

To showcase the beauty and culture of Bolinao, they also give the Bolinao Artist Group Inc. (BAGI) an opportunity to have an art exhibits at Don Raymundo Celeste Sports Complex. BAGI is a group of artists from Bolinao and used to paint Bolinao tourist attractions and Bolinao culture as well.

And to show the oneness of the people of Bolinao, they also performed the “Pidudungo” or a dinner of people in the streets at the same time. They used to perform the pidudungo in the main streets of Bolinao.

Photo Courtesy: Margaret Celeste

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