Zipline Adventure in Balungao Pangasinan – Hot and Cold Springs Resorts

Are you looking for extreme adventure and very relaxing place to spend your vacation? Pangasinan is the best place for you to visit. There are many extreme and exciting adventures you can try from Pangasinan like caving adventure, island hopping, scuba diving, boating, swimming and zipline adventure. Yes! you read it right, Pangasinan has its own ZipLine Adventure. And it is located in Balungao Pangasinan.

Balungao Pangasinan is very nice place and take note: it has a hot spring and cold spring. Because of its beauty, we can consider Balungao as a gift of nature. Local officials from Balungao developed their place in order to add this town on the tourism map of Pangasinan. They joined together and developed the hot and cold spring into a resort. Plus, they add zipline adventure and motor- cycling adventure using Quad Bike. So you can enjoy many exciting activities when you visit the place.


The adventure project in Balungao pangasinan was officially open yesterday (September 8, 2011) same day of the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

The Zipline starts from a hilltop, stretches through farms and patches of old trees and ends at a resort at the foot of Mt. Balungao. It is about 600 – meters ride from the top down to the resort. Don’t worry about the ride because you will be fitted with safety gears. The town bought 16 gears from the United States for this adventure projects.

Your zipline adventures in Balungao Pangasinan will surely one of your unforgettable experiences from the rest of your life. Zipline ride offers you a view of villages, extinct Mt. Balungao, and flowing hot and cold spring.

And because of the presence of hot and cold spring in the area, several pools were built which offering varying temperatures. The hot and warm pools are ideal for visitors to released stress and to have refreshing feelings.

The resort is accessible from the Balungao town proper through a four-kilometer barangay road. A similar facility is also operating in town of Natividad, also in eastern Pangasinan.


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