Thousands feast on bangus in (FISH – TIVAL)

Alaminos City Pangasinan celebrated the first “FISH-TIVAL” yesterday (June 13, 2011) where about 2,500 of Bangus (milkfish) and 1,000 other fish varieties were grilled in 400-meter-long grill. FISH-TIVAL which means Thousands Feast On Bangus is celebrated to reborn the tourism in Alaminos Pangasinan especially to Hundred Islands National Park and to prove that Bangus(milkfish) produce in Alaminos and other municipality nearby are safe for human consumption.

Because of the Fishkill in Anda and Bolinao Pangasinan recently the Eco-Tourism in Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos Pangasinan was also affected. It lessens the number of tourist visit in the said park, maybe because Anda is also part of the Hundred Islands. But the Municipality of Alaminos Pangasinan, wanted to show that Hundred Islands is not affected by FishKill because it is a protected area. In fact, the marine water of Hundred Islands is clean and rich in marine natural resources where you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, jet sky, banana boat ride and many more.

And to prove that Pangasinan is now free from FishKill, they selected Bangus as a main dish in FISH-TIVAL. The said feast is successful where thousands of Alaminian’s and visitors enjoyed eating Bangus.