Things to do in Bolinao

Bolinao is quiet and peaceful place but you can enjoy lots of activities where you will keep and never forget in the rest of your life. The town is very simple but rich in natural resources and having beautiful white beaches, seascapes, coral-reefs, waterfalls, caves and many more. We all know that Bolinao is a remote area but did you know that there are many elegant beach resorts and penthouses built in the area? They can accommodate you while enjoying your stay in Bolinao. Here are some activities that you can enjoy in Bolinao.

1. Kayaking
Most beach resorts in Bolinao have Kayaks which you can use to enjoy the beautiful shoreline and seascapes. Kayaking is more enjoyable in the afternoon because it is not too hot and you will enjoy watching the sunset.

2. Bangka safari
Some beach resorts have “Bangka” boat which they offer to their guests. Bangka or boat can be rented per half day or full day. You can rent a Bangka beside Balingasay River which allowing you to explore the clean river of Balingsay and trips to the balingasay sanctuary (a marine protected area) to see the coral reef or surrounding islands.

You can also rent a private Bangka in Luciente 1 port. Expect that Bangka’s in Luciente 1 are bigger than in Balingasay because they actually using it as means of transportation for the passengers going to Santiago Island. You can rent them half day or full day, allowing you to visit the surroundings of Santiago Islands and Silaki Islands.

If you want to have a bangka expedition and scuba diving at the same time. I suggest go to UPMSI (University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute) located at Guiguiwanen, Luciente 1, Bolinao, Pangasinan. They will provide all your needs from tourist guides, suites and Bangka. Size of Bangka is depending upon your request. Usually if you have larger number they will provide you the same Big Bangka like you can get in Luciente1 port. The only difference is that the UPMSI management is the one who will make a deal with the Bangka owners for you. UPMSI will allow you to visit Silaki Island, surroundings or Sangtiago Island, Mangrove Sanctuary, Clams Sanctuary and other marine sanctuary in Bolinao. Before going to UPMSI make sure to call first for them to set an schedule for your visit and prepare all your needs.

3. Snorkeling
Bolinao is surrounded by about 20 kilometers of coral-reef for you to explore and enjoy. Better bring your own snorkels to enjoy different species of fish and other marine organisms. Best locations for snorkeling are: Patar beach, Balingasay sanctuary, Ilog malino beach, Silaki Island shoreline, Santiago Island Shoreline.

4. Swimming
Some people described Bolinao as “Boracay of the North” because of its magnificent natural beaches. Just like in Bora, it has white refined sand, clean and crystal-like seawater and sea breeze. Some beaches like patar beach, Ilog malino beach, Arnedo (rock garden beach), Guiguiwanen beach (Luciente1), Balingasay beach are perfect for your swimming experience.

You can also try to have a swimming experience in Bolinao falls and Tara falls. They are both located in the forest so you can enjoy birds watching while walking to reach the main site. Tara falls is about 20 mins. Travel time from the main town of Bolinao while Bolinao Falls is around 30 – 40 mins travel time.

You can also visit and dip in “Subor Nan Bolinao” a reservoir located in Guiguiwanen Luciente 1 Bolinao Pangasinan. It is a freshwater reservoir beside UPMSI marine laboratory. People from Bolinao are so thankful to have this reservoir because it is the only freshwater reservoir which can use for drinking for human consumption.

Try also to experience to swim in the dark and cold-water of some caves of Bolinao. If you choose to stay in some resorts in Patar beach or in Ilog malino beach resort, it is your advantage because the three caves (Enchaned cave, Wonderful cave, Cindy’s cave) are located along Ilog malino going to Patar main road.

5. Jet skiing
Some beach resorts in Bolinao have Jet Ski a kind of watercraft which you can use to enjoy skipping across the waves and able you to explore the beautiful beaches of Bolinao.

6. Caving or spelunking
If you want some recreational experience exploring some cave system, you can visit Enchanted cave, wonderful cave, and Cindy’s cave. These caves are located along Ilog malino to Patar main road. In fact, these caves have underground fresh water and many people go and visit for swimming experience. The owners already developed these three caves for visitors. They already put some lighting and man-made stairs for the easily passage in entering the cave. Cottages and Public comfort rooms are also available outside the cave for visitors use.

You can also visit other nearby towns to experience other exciting activities to enjoy your stay in Pangasinan.