Travel Tips: How to get to Bolinao Pangasinan

Going to Bolinao via Bus

There are several bus companies whose buses going to Bolinao. Some of them are Victory liner, Five star transit, and Dagupan bus line. They offer day and night trips, ordinary or air-conditioned bus and bus fare would cost around Php 400-500 one way trip. Those common buses have terminals in both Cubao Quezon City and Pasay City. Bolinao is about 276 kms from Manila and it might take you 5-6 hours trip so bring some food and something to avoid boredom. Buses stops in Dau terminal,Tarlac terminal and Alaminos City terminal. Once you arrive in Bolinao (end station), call a tricycle and ask them to bring you to the Beach Resort or penthouse where you wanted to stay or in a place you wanted to explore.

You can also take a bus from Manila to Alaminos City, Pangasinan. From Alaminos City, you can take a non-air conditioned bus going to Bolinao. Aside from buses, there are also vans in front of CSI Warehouse going to Bolinao. From Alaminos it will take 45 minutes to 1 hour travel time.

For tickets inquiry and travel time information you can contact the following bus company

  • Victory Liner, Cubao Q.C – going to Bolinao
    Phone #: 727-4534
  • Five Star Bus Line Pasay City – going to Bolinao
    Phone #: 851-6614
  • Dagupan Bus Line, Cubao Q.C – going to Bolinao
    Phone#: 9290-06123, 7270-02330

Going to Bolinao by your own car

As a tourist, it is better to get to Bolinao with your own car so you can move easily around the town and its tourist spots. You can take the SCTEX (Subic, Clack, Tarlac, Expressway) route. As you pass by Alaminos and Bani Pangasinan, the road to Bolinao starts to ascend through a zigzag road which will give you a scenic view of mountainous landscapes.


  • Bring some food when you go to public beaches of Bolinao because there are no restaurants or cafe that will cater some food for you.
  • Expect some dead sites for your mobile phone since Bolinao is a remote area. Better bring two or more sim for your mobile phone.
  • Bring some flashlight for incase there is no power or you can use it when you want to visit some caves (Enchanted cave, Wonderful cave, Cindy’s cave).