Pangasinan:One Town One Product “OTOP” Trade Program

In the Pangasinan’s Tourism and Trade Expo 2011, OTOP item from every municipality of Pangasinan was shown once again.

One Town, One Product (OTOP Trade) is a priority program of Ex-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to promote entrepreneurship and to create jobs to all people from Local Government Unit (LGU). Through OTOP, local chief executives of each city and municipality take the lead in identifying, developing and promoting a specific product or service, which has a competitive advantage. OTOP Philippines supports micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

And part of the Celebration of Pista’y Dayat 2011, Tourism and Trade Expo was held in Pangasinan Training and Development Center, Lingayen Pangasinan. All towns of Pangasinan had adopted their traditional product as their One Town, One Product (OTOP) item. Every municipality in Pangasinan offers and markets distinctive products or services through the use of indigenous raw materials and local skills and talents.

Many towns in Pangasinan have carved their names though their famous products and famous landmarked. The places and products have become inseparable that hearing a town’s name would always conjure images of quality products from that area.

Here’s the One Town, One Product (OTOP) item of some municipalities and cities in Pangasinan.


Agno – Known for Umbrella Rocks and Beaches
Anda – “Binongey” mixture of “malagkit” sticky rice and coconut milk ,placed inside the bamboo and cooked in a low fire.
Balungao – Goat Trade
Bayambang – Fermented rice-and-fish mix “buro”
Binalonan – Basi/Vinegar Making
Binmaley – Furniture Making
Bolinao – Dried Fish “danggit”
Bugallon – Vinegar Making “nipa vinegar” and recently “duhat” [native blackberry] wine
Calasiao – White Gold (“puto” – steamed rice cakes)
Dasol – Rock/ Industrial Salt
Infanta – Cooked Salt (Table Salt)
Labrador – Sawali making
Lingayen – Bagoong “salted fish paste or shrimp paste”
Mabini – Home of Cacupangan cave
Manaoag – Mango pickles and known for church of Our Lady of Manaoag
Mangaldan – Processed beef strips “tapa”
Mapandan – Molasses and Muscovado Sugar
San Fabian – Tourism / Dried Salted Fish
San Nicolas – Pottery
Santa Barbara – Bricks
Sual – Dried Salted Fish

Component Cities

Alaminos City – Unique Longganisa / (Eco- Tourism)Hundred Islands National Park
San Carlos City – Bamboo Craft and Delicious Mangoes.
Urdaneta City– recently adopted squash as its favored product to developed different recipes from the

Independent component city

Dagupan – Milkfish

Through One Town, One Product (OTOP Trade) program, we can easily identify the unique product and services of each city and municipality in Pangasinan. It will be a big help for us to promote Pangasinense’s creativity in food processing and handicraft. And it is also a good opportunity for us to showcase our beautiful tourist spots and tourist destinations.