Tondol White Beach in Anda

Tondol Beach in Anda is surrounded by clear blue sea water where you can see the magnificent rock formations, fine and white sand and you will amaze with the seascapes during sunrise and very much in sunset. You’ll not regret the effort intended on going to this place because your fatigue will perish once you see the beautiful landscape and the beauty of the sea.

It lies a long stretch of seawater that leads to small islands collectively known as Hundred Islands National Park – the popular tourist destination in Alaminos, Pangasinan which is just 30 minutes away from Anda, Pangasinan. Anda is the biggest island that’s why they call it “Mother Island of the hundred islands”.



The Experience

The area is good for kayaking, boating, diving, and snorkeling. Snorkel and explore and well enjoy the beautiful and colorful corals and to meet different kinds of fishes in the shallow waters. For those people who prefer a more peaceful place for summer vacation, Tondol White Beach is a perfect place for you.
Transportation going here is more accessible nowadays, main roads are also been concreted for faster access the town for tourism and business purposes.

Where to Stay while in Anda Pangasinan:

Sunrise Grande Resort Tondol
Kaihana Resort
Mamu’s Room Rentals
Villa Cecilia Beach Resort
Cahigas BEACH Resort
Beachfront Tondol Beach Villa Vessela
JCT Beach Resort
Island Secret Garden Resort
Cute Cool Blue Kubo
Marina’s Resort
Pertible Hotel
Rabaja’s Home Stay
Esberto Inn
Padilla White Sand Beach Resort
Summerset Beach Resort

Photo Courtesy:
Shellah May Carolino
Leoneil Carolino Caalim

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