Umbrella Rocks of Agno Pangasinan


The town of Agno is a home of Sabangan Beach, Aloleng – Bunga Beach and the Famous Umbrella Rocks. The town’s attractions are very relaxing place perfect for people who’s looking for places where they can release stress from work. You do not prevent yourself to jump and feel the coolness of the clear ocean waters, feel the fragrance of fresh air, play with the white sand, and taking some pictures of beautiful and gigantic umbrella rocks in the coast of Agno, Pangasinan.

The area is rich in natural resources and their lands are very productive in rice, magoes, vegetables and root crops. Bamboo and coconut are also abundant in this idyllic town. It is also possesses a vast fishing ground of milkfish “bangus” fry and big fish like tuna and blue marlins.