Binmaley Sigay Festival

As part of positioning Binmaley Pangasinan as the“Seafood Capital of the North”, the town holds a grand fiesta named as the SIGAY FESTIVAL.

The Sigay Festival is a one week celebration from January 15 to February 2 which will give tribute to the aquaculture industry of the town, which is the number one source livelihood of the community of Binmaley. Sigay is a Pangasinan dialect word which means to harvest.

Since Binmaley is positioned as the Seafood Capital of the North, having the largest land area for aguaculture in Pangasinan, it is apt to name our festival SIGAY to bring in the positive spirit of harvest. In fact, Binmaley, has produces milkfish, malaga (siganid) and prawns from fishponds and has catapulted itself as the “Fishbowl of Pangasinan“, after years of hardwork by local fish farmers.

Sigay festival is full of exciting events that participated and attended by Binmalenian’s and visitors.

Watch full video coverage of the fluvial parade, civic parade and the street dancing competition here!

More photos of Sigay Festival.