Hundred Islands National Park

Powder-white sand, crystal blue water, productive and natural beauty of an island, hospitality of the people, these are some of the thousands of reasons why Hundred Islands National Park has charmed vacationers.

Your vacation trip to Hundred Islands National Park might be the unforgettable one once you experience and enjoy its natural beauty. You will enjoy seeing colorful tropical fish as they glide in the coral gardens by snorkeling and diving. Meet the world’s largest bivalve mollusks -the Giant Clams, locally known as “Taklobos”, their shell length extending over a meter and can weigh over 225 kg, is the faithful ally of the coral reef in supporting the marine life in the Park.



Island Tripping is very adventurous as you ferry to a cluster of islands and islets collectively known as the Hundred Islands. Are you a bird lover? Stop by to Kamantiles Island, Heron Island, and Bat Island to see more than 50 species of birds. Amaze with some extraordinary caves and rock formations. Today, up to ten caves have been identified and some were named based on some myths, legends and their stone formations.

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