Longganisa Festival of Alaminos City

Alaminos City is known for its majestic and world famous Hundred Islands National Park, also boosts of its unique lean meat product, longanisa. Alaminos’ longanisa has long been an all-time favorite by Pangasinenses. It is best served during breakfast and is currently regarded as one, if not, the tastiest native sausages in the country. With its distinctive salty and zesty taste, Alaminos longanisa gained its reputation as one of the best processed meat products in the country. Considered healthy and delicious, it uses all-natural ingredients like garlic, black pepper, salt, achuete and other secret spices mixed with ground pork.
Longganisas from Alaminos, Pangasinan are unique because of the toothpicks they use to divide the segments. Each length has six pieces and is hung using a buli grass string.

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